About Us

Ruffino Meats and Food Service, a family-owned and operated company, offers our customers a variety of products.  Our inventory consists of over 6,000 state and national brands as well as in-facility made products. This includes fresh and frozen meats, frozen foods, produce, cheese, seafood, disposables, and restaurant equipment/supplies. Our customer base comes from a wide variety of businesses including, but not limited to the following restaurants- public schools, private schools, colleges/universities, convenience stores, supermarkets, church events, fundraisers, charity events, and non-profit organizations.

Our continued success comes from our loyal family of customers.  Despite starting out as the neighborhood full-service butcher shop and deli, we now have evolved into a one stop shop for many grocery, produce, and food services needs.

Ruffino Meats supports buying locally when we do our purchasing both for business purposes and for our personal family needs.  Like most local businesses, we make a commitment to the local economy through jobs and supporting our community through charitable events. When you see a sign at a local business that says “We Serve Ruffino Meats” be sure to thank them for their support of local businesses.