Quality Assurance

Ruffino’s has a quality assurance team with over 45 years of experience.  They have been trained to recognize the highest quality and freshness in our products that our customers would expect.  As the consumer,  you can be assured the products and meats you are receiving are the freshest and highest quality possible.

Food Safety

At Ruffino Meats, we implement strict policies, procedures, and training practices to ensure that we provide safe and wholesome products to all of our customers.

Product Security/Food Safety

Events in the world have heightened safety concerns of Ruffino Meats customers. While quality is always our highest priority, there are specific actions that Ruffino Meats has implemented to further reduce the risk of an actual or perceived tampering or containment incident.

Refrigerated Trucks

Our clean and up-to-date refrigerated trucks and refrigeration units guarantee a cold and fresh product will be delivered to your door every time.

USDA Federally Inspected

Ruffino Meats is a modern, USDA inspected plant that follows seven different HACCP plans to ensure food safety.  We regularly test for Salmonella, E. Coli 0175-H7, Listeria Monocytogenes to ensure our customers the safest product possible.