Chairman’s Res. Pork

Chairmans Reserve Pork                              Chairman’s Reserve Premium Pork                                       Chairmans Reserve Pork

All pork is the same, right? This is a false statement believed by many connoisseurs of pork.  What makes Chairman’s Reserve pork different?

Chairmans Reserve Pork grading scale

Chairman’s Reserve Premium Pork is 100 percent all-natural and uses strict grading criteria for marbling, tenderness, texture, and even coloring. Our  products are the “best of the best” in color, muscle texture, marbling, and pH.  All cuts are uniform in size and trimmed to 1/8″ fat cover, delivering a consistent, eye-appealing presentation from the meat case to the dining room table.  Through extensive research and testing, Tyson Fresh Meats has discovered how to select the most desirable cuts of pork delivering the most consistent and pleasurable eating experience time after time.

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