Commercial Chemicals

We have teamed up with Swisher to offer you the best in commercial chemicals, ware-washing systems, and three compartment sink set-ups.  Below is important information to help you make your decision when choosing the right chemicals for your needs.

Swisher Logo

Ruffino’s and Swisher have had a great partnership for many years.  The relationship consists of Ruffino’s selling Swisher’s Chemicals and Swisher handles all service related items, installations, 24/7/365 repairs, contracts and all other items related to customer service and product integrity by providing customers with state of the art products.

Swisher offers:

  • A complete set of products and programs at industry-leading prices.
  • Concentrated and ready-to-use food-service chemicals.
  • Dish machines available for purchase, rent or lease.
  • Ware washing products and service, including emergency service.
  • Online and in-person training in all aspects of facility operation, with testing and certification in English and Spanish.