Equipment & Supplies

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Blenders, mixers, silverware, plates, wine glasses, and steam table pans.   These are a mere sample of the thousands of equipment & supply items offered by Ruffino Meats.  Ruffino’s has been successful at selling equipment and supplies for over 10 years.  We are competitive on price and offer quality name brand products in many different categories.

Things to remember when ordering from your sales representative or the front office (979-776-5685):

  • Most items generally take less than a week to ship to our warehouse.
  • Order before 12PM on Wednesday and the products usually will be in our warehouse by the following Tuesday at 6AM.
  • When wanting a price quote, please include the ITEM Number (see Product Catalog link below).
  • All sales are final, so please make sure the items you order are what you want.

This is our full catalog of everything we have access to through our vendors.  Not all items are stocked through our supplier, so some may take longer.  If more information is needed about a product, please ask your sales representative or the front office.  Also, when scrolling through the product catalog, please use the table of contents or use the FIND feature at the top of your browser. FIND is used in order to search for specific key words.

Equipment and Supplies Full Product Catalog 

(Click above for our catalog)