Ruffino’s makes a wide variety of in house made products including a full line of smoked and non-smoked sausages, fajitas, and beef jerky’s.

sausage 3

Smoked Sausages/Non-Smoked Sausages
Ruffino’s carries a wide variety of sausages in many flavor profiles, applications, and types.  We have been  mixing spices and smoking all of our sausages in-house everyday for over many, many years.   We offer over 10 types of smoked sausages and several non-smoked sausages (see Our Products).  We can also private label our sausages and make custom recipes (minimum weekly usage required) to your desired specifications.  Smoked Sausages Made In-House (Shiner Bock Beer, Jalapeno & Cheese, Country Style Beef & Pork, Jalapeno, Brazos Valley, German, Andouille, BBQ Seasoned, Hot Link, Summer w/Jalapeno & Cheese, Summer Country Style, etc.).

Marinated Fajitas
fajitas chick and porkWe have been making fajitas for over 25 years in our processing facility.  We start out with high quality American beef, add our signature seasonings, and marinade in a vacuum tumbler for one of the most flavorful, tender fajitas offered on the market.  Tumbling fajitas allows the meat to draw in the seasonings for optimal flavor.  We offer our fajitas in a wide array of proteins & package them in 4 packages of 2.5 pounds for easy handling (see Our Products).


smoked beef jerky

Smoked Marinated Jerkys
We season and smoke our jerky in house making our jerky a #1 seller for many years.  We offer our jerky in two different flavor profiles: black pepper for a mild heat or red pepper flakes for a med heat.  Our jerky is sold by the 20 lb. box and can be private labeled!