Fresh Beef Program

Ruffino Meat’s BEEF PROGRAM

Our fresh beef program is extremely unique in the industry today.  Ruffino Meat’s has the ability to manufacture and distribute from the same location,which is in Bryan, TX.  Most companies manufacturing plants and distribution centers are in two different locations.  This saves Ruffino’s customers less lead time between ordering and receiving your products.  Also, this allows us greater quality control to age our own products in-house and cut our beef fresh daily.

We have a full USDA Federally Inspected processing plant complete with state of the art HACCP plans and equipment that allows us to cut meat in a safe, cleanbeef fat steer.png2 environment.  Most of our butchers have been with us for many, many years (several with over 20+ experience).  We have the same people, in the same facility everyday cutting meat for the same customers.  We feel this gives us the greatest control over the product that we produce from our fresh processing plant.  We buy beef from the same suppliers and even from the same processing facilities every week to ensure consistent marbling, tenderness, and overall quality.  Competitors often shop around and take bids from multiple suppliers all over the country buying week to week or month to month resulting in little to no consistency in quality. 


The following meats are cut/processed in house:

Fresh Ground Beef Patties (chopped steaks as well):  Our ground beef patties are unbeatable.  They are made fresh daily, neverHamburger_Patty_Paper gas-flushed (also known as pickled).  We never add preservatives, wheat or soy fillers, and we only use the same beef from the same  suppliers to ensure 100% consistency.  We offer our patties in several sizes, (half-pounder, third-pounder,
quarter-pounder etc.)  available in thick or thin, and made in different lean-to-fat ratios.  For an even more premium burger, we also offer a 100% ANGUS patty and an  ALL NATURAL patty. (Voted Best Hamburger Patty in the Brazos Valley for several years).
Fresh Cube Steaks (Chicken Fried Steak):  We use the same sub-primal cut of beef 365 days a year for our fresh cube steak production.  We do not use a cheaper cut cube.steakswhen the market changes throughout the year causing your chicken fried steak to be inconsistent .  Our cube steaks are fork tender and allow you (the customer) to serve the same product everyday. (Voted Best Chicken Fried Steak in the Brazos Valley and in Harris County for several years).
Fresh Steaks(ribeyes, striploins, t-bones, tenderloins etc.):   We age all of our Select, Choice, Chairman’s Reserve, and Prime graded beef inribeye steak cold coolers, allowing our meat to tenderize naturally in its own juice.  All of our steaks are cut to your specifications and then vacuum sealed to extend shelf life.


Fresh Ground Beef:  Our beef is ground through a grinder with a bone-extruder attachment that removes 99.9% of ground beef2all bone fragments and tough gristle to ensure your burgers, chopped steaks, or whatever your recipe calls for is made with the best possible ground meat.


Beef Cut Charts: (English 1)(English 2) (Spanish)