Fresh Pork & Chicken

Ruffino Meat’s FRESH PORK

pigWe take great pride in selling only the finest pork cuts.  Our pork program consist of high quality producers that monitor their pigs from birth to slaughter giving them ultimate control on consistency. We buy pork that has tight trim specifications and is consistent in muscle size.  Also, we buy pork from the same vendors multiple times a week to ensure our customers receive the same fresh product every single delivery.

We do not private label our pork boxes, so our customers know they are getting a brand name every time.  We offer pork in many commodity cuts such as: loins (boneless & bone-in), ribs (St. Louis, baby back, & spare), butts (bone-in & boneless), and many more.

Fresh pork cuts done in our facility:

Pork Chops All pork chops are cut daily in-house by our experienced butchers.  We cut our pork chops to pork chop 1your ounce or inch specifications and package in a 10# box.   Whether it is boneless or bone-in, we have you covered.

Ground Pork  We select only the finest pork cuts to be ground into our ground pork.  We grind pork freshground pork daily and then package it in a 5 lb. bag.  The flavor and texture can not be beat.

Pork Cutlets– (chicken fried pork, breaded pork fingers, etc.)  Our pork cutlets have many applications and are pork cutletan extremely unique item.  They are fork tender and are tenderized by a process that we have perfected over the last 50+ years.

Pork Cut Charts: (English 1) (English 2) (Spanish)


Ruffino Meat’s FRESH CHICKEN

Chicken, Chicken, Chicken!  With rising food costs, chicken has become one of the most popular proteins on menus nationwide. hen-isolated-11145422.jpg 2Many food service institutions are looking for new ways to make higher profits, and chicken has found a niche in the market as the flavorful and affordable white meat.  At Ruffino’s, we understand chicken has to be as fresh possible when it arrives at the back doors of our customers.  

Color, size, and leanness are qualities we take into great consideration when we buy our chicken.  We use only reputable vendors, and, in most cases, we buy from Texas chicken houses to continue to support our local economy.  Our chicken comes in fresh twice a week and is kept in extremely coolers to ensure shelf life is the longest possible.  We offer fresh chicken in many sizes, cuts, and options to meet all of your needs.

Chicken Cut Chart: (English)