Natural Angus Beef

open prairie all natural
Open Prairie All Natural Beef from Tyson                  

Only the best beef is allowed to call itself “Open Prairie All Natural.” At Ruffino’s, we take great pride
in offering high quality beef cuts that are bred to be all natural.   If you want beef with the 
marbling, tenderness, and flavor of Black Angus and is USDA All Natural, then Open Prairie is your best choice!
What exactly is all natural?                                                                                                                                                      
1. No added hormones given to the cattle
2. No antibiotics can be administered 
3. Fed a 100% vegetarian diet
4. Beef is minimally processed
What makes Open Prairie different from other All Natural Beef cuts offered in today’s market?meat chart
  • All cattle can be traced back to origin of birth.
  • All OP beef is Black Angus.

To learn more about Open Prairie All Natural Black Angus beef.

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