Non-Food Dry Goods


For over 50 years, Ruffino Meats has sold non-food dry goods and paper products.  Ruffino’s prides itself on selling quality over quantity. Daily our buyers test our products to ensure they meet our standards and quality control.  We order truckloads from multiple vendors to ensure we receive the best quality for the best price which we then pass on to our customers.  Many customers tell our sales team that we are extremely competitive with our broad-line competitors on our dry goods.   Ruffino Meats stocks multiple brand names such as: Tork, Dart, Genpac, Reyma, and Pactiv to name a few.

Over 10 years ago, we added on a dry storage area that tripled our capacity to buy multiple truckloads of dry goods at one time, thus allowing us to be able to buy in a competitive price bracket.  When Ruffino Meats joined Unipro in 2014, the company gained an even more competitive edge in an ever changing market.

TOILET PAPERTRASH BAGETORK TOWELSblack containersTO GO CONTAINERSDELI FOOD TRAYdart-9cpwq-9-compartmented-white-foam-plate-500-casesoup containers