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Rons Kitchen Salads


Quality ingredients and lots of love
Ron’s offers a variety of freshly prepared Refrigerated Foods including Potato SaladsPasta SaladsProtein SaladsLow Carb Salads, as well as Refrigerated Desserts, and Frozen Entree’s. We provide our customers with the best quality, freshness, and service imaginable in the fresh prepared refrigerated food industry.

red potato salad

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Hormel Food Products

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Hormel Foodservice, established in 1991, is a leading player in the foodservice industry. We serve the needs of restaurants and foodservice operations of all shapes and sizes. Our long list of operator-friendly foodservice products is an ongoing testimony to the Hormel spirit of innovation.

BREAD READY® sliced meats now offer a refrigerated shelf life of a full 120 days. Thanks to our TrueTaste™ technology, there’s virtually nobread ready turkey need to freeze (and thaw) sliced meats. BREAD READY® sliced meats now deliver truer, cleaner meat flavor without the use of chemical preservatives. So you can make delicious signature sandwiches that will extend the repeat patronage of your patrons.(see BREAD READY Website).  Most products come packaged 6/2.5# or 6/2# and we have a wide variety to offer you.  Another advantage to Hormel Bread Ready is the fact that each slice is exactly a specific ounce size.  When figuring food cost this is an ideal product for your sandwich making needs.

The Garnder Pie Difference

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Many pies are available on the market today.  But only Gardner is able to manufacture/bake pies that have the quality to taste homemade yet be affordable so they can be sold in a restaurant/grocery store.

Why choose Gardner Pie Co.? (

* Pies contain the finest fresh fruit available for unbeatable natural taste.

* They choose the best raw ingredients, like real sugar, kosher dairy products and premium spices for unrivaled home-baked taste.

* Ruffino Meats stocks many flavors such as: Apple, Peach, Cherry, Apple Walnut, Peach Praline etc.

Apple Pie Gardner


tornadosThis unique, hand-held product has taken the nation by storm! We roll oven-baked flour tortillas around a variety of out-of-this-world fillings. Then we dip them in special seasoned batters and lightly fry them to golden perfection.  Tornados are loaded with flavor inside and out. Because they are so unique, Tornados tend to become “gotta have” items customers crave and come back for time after time. With a range of flavors from spicy to sweet and AM to PM, there is a Tornado for every taste and occasion.